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25+ Awesome HD Stock Video Footage for 2018

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You don't always have the time or budget to shoot hours of video footage. Maybe you don't even have a video camera, but need to add live action to your project. In those situations, stock footage is extremely helpful. Stock footage is video recorded by someone else that you can use in your own productions. 

One of the best ways to get stock footage is with a subscription to Envato Elements. Elements is an all-you-can-download service for creatives. Best of all, it has almost 50,000 stock footage clips that you can download for as part of the flat monthly rate.

Elements Stock FootageElements Stock FootageElements Stock Footage

In this round-up, we're going to tap into some of the best free and premium stock footage. Make sure to play the previews to see this stock footage in action!

1. Time Lapse Panorama of Hong Kong Harbour

Set the stage for your video over water with this stock footage set in Hong Kong.

2. Summer Girl Portrait Footage

The slow motion of this video sets a thoughtful tone for your video with a model in nature.

3. Smartphone at Night

This clip is perfect for an app demo video or social media campaign.

4. Water Drop

This beautiful slow motion footage creates a ripple effect with a single drop of water into a puddle. This would work great for a logo overlay on the stock footage.

5. Life on River at Night

This urban footage on the river is the perfect timelapse to segue between scenes.

6. Pouring Red Wine Into Glass

For culinary or wine-centric videos, this quick clip could set a scene with a simple pour.

7. Sunny Spring Morning in Plum Garden

This simple and lovely timelapse video of plum blossoms opening is suitable for any Springtime project.

8. Horse Racing Feet

The amazing thing about stock footage is just how many clips exist. Whether you're illustrating action and motion or shooting a day at the track, drop this clip in to supplement your own footage.

9. Morning Coffee in Internet Cafe

Open your breakfast themed video with this clip of coffee in a cafe.

10. Young People On The Beach

A fun clip like this can be used for a sense of camaraderie and fun. Drop it into your project for a boost in mood.

11. Nightlife People Crowd At Concert Or Club Party

Can't make it to a concert with your video camera? This clip is a solid alternative.

12. Laughing Trendy Women Chilling on Seacoast

This trendy clip is good for fashion, lifestyle, or the daytime opposite of the nightlife scene above.

13. Intense Designer Work With Computer

Is he coding the next billion dollar startup? Writing the next great novel? Either way, this clip is a high quality piece of stock footage versatile enough for multiple purposes.

14. Kids with Tablet PC Programming at Robotics School 60

This clip could be used in a technology promotional video, illustrating several kids working with robotics.

15. Ripe Wheat, Hand And The Sun

For nature or agriculture videos, this video of a beautiful wheat field can add a touch of professionalism.

16. Fireworks

This footage is a far cry from the shaky cell phone clips that pop up every July 4th on your social media feeds. This ultra high quality clip could be used in practically any video.

17. Wheat Field

Illustrating a food of farming project? Add this iconic footage of a slow pan through a waving wheat field.

18. Young Man Using Phone And Having Coffee In A Cafe

There's not much more that can be said than the precise description that accompanies this video. But it's this type of clip that's perfect for the world of stock footage, as you might not have access to record in a coffee shop.

19. Listening Music

Vivaldi? Mozart? DMX? It's not clear what's playing in the headphones, but this stock clip is ideal for promoting an audio clip.

20. TV Remote Control

Three different clips in this package put an out-of-focus TV in the background in different styles.

21. Aerial Mountains Panorama For Opening Title 

As the name implies, this stock footage works beautifully as the background for an opening title sequence.

22. Thunderbolts and Lightnings

Not only does this footage have some stunning captures of lightning, it also showcases them with an impressive time lapse.

23. Crane Working in Construction Site

Working on a condo project? Promote your vision with footage of new towers going up.

24. Business Meeting With Colleagues In Office

For your next corporate video, use a clip like this for a sense of professionalism and variety. 

25. Man Playing The Guitar

Rounding out our selection, this guitar footage keeps the model's face out of view, making it flexible enough to re-use.

Stock Footage Resources and Round-Ups

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