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Top 3: Best Explainer Video Animation Kits for After Effects

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Envato Elements recently launched its video project section, which includes templates and toolkits for popular video editing apps like After Effects and Adobe Premiere. Even for rookie video editors, these projects can help you create professional videos by giving you easy-to-use templates.

In the Best in Class series, we're focusing on the best of the best projects that you'll find in the Elements library. All of these projects are included as part of a subscription to Elements. 

This round-up focuses on the best explainer videos for Adobe After Effects. These selections can be used for promoting your video on the web or adding a professional touch to your YouTube channel. Let's see them in action.

Explainer Video exampleExplainer Video exampleExplainer Video example
You can create an explainer video without drawing animations from scratch thanks to the Pxiity Land kit for Adobe After Effects.

You don't have to hire an animator to create your own explainer video. Just start with one of our selections below and use the pre-built assets to create an explainer.

Best Explainer Animation Kit of After Effects: Pixity Land

The Pixity Land Character Animation Explainer is a top choice for creating explainer videos in Adobe After Effects. With hundreds of characters, scenes, and assets you can add, you can use these to explain any concept easily.

  • Who it's for: Anyone who needs to introduce an idea or illustrate a process with a simple-but-appealing animation
  • Why we like it: This versatile animation toolkit is simple enough for novices, but diverse enough to fit all different kinds of projects.

Two Excellent Alternatives

Best Professional Explainer Kit: Clean Explainer

While Pixity Land is our top choice for explainer videos for most people, the Clean Explainer Kit has 40 pre-built scenes that you can simply update with your own text choices and color scheme.

Best App Explainer Kit: Flat and Modern App Explainer

Promoting your new app? You need a video to showcase what it does and why the user should give it a try. The Flat and Modern App explainer can animate your app to life as if you hired a professional studio.

Make Better Explainer Videos

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