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3 Top Infographic Templates for After Effects: Charts and Graphs

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Infographics help you convey data and information in a visual style. In this round-up, we cover the best infographic projects for Adobe After Effects, with an emphasis on projects that include great charts and graphs.

Infographics in Adobe After Effects exampleInfographics in Adobe After Effects exampleInfographics in Adobe After Effects example
Use infographic templates in Adobe After Effects to tell stories with your data.

Top After Effects Infographics Templates on Envato Elements (Unlimited Download)

Envato Elements includes many templates for popular video editing apps like Adobe After Effects and Premiere: These templates can give you a head start on a project and help you create professional videos, even for rookie video editors. All of the projects in this section are included as part of a subscription to Elements.

Infographics Mega Pack

If you can only grab one package to work with, Infographics Mega Pack is the one to choose. This general purpose collection of 20 infographics is one of the most effective ways to take data and make it understandable through the magic of visualizations.

  • Why we like it: tastefully animated titles, easy-to-customize sliders, and plenty of data-entry elements and options
  • Perfect for: infographic videos, annual reports, corporate presentations, educational videos

Evolution HUD Infographic

This infographics pack has a modern, almost futuristic, approach to animating complex data in a straight-forward way.

Flat Infographics

Looking for a more flat style for presenting your data? Look no further. Try this amazing package out to create infographics with the signature flat creative style.

Top Infographic Video Templates from Envato Market

Searching for amazing After Effects infographic video templates, but not looking for a monthly subscription? A great option for you is Envato Market: plenty stunning professional templates that you can download individually—no membership required! Envato Market has thousands of creative assets, including the best infographic video templates available today!

Envato Market InfographicsEnvato Market InfographicsEnvato Market Infographics
Infographic templates for After Effects are easy-to-use thanks to selections from Envato Market.

1. Infographics

With three dozen custom designs, this After Effects infographic video template is a perfect versatile option. You’ll find infographics ready to support all of your data-driven needs. All it takes is inserting your own content with the built-in placeholders.

2. Infographic Maker

Infographic Maker brings a full suite of custom infographic options: Use them in any project to help your audience visualize data. Included are pie charts, line graphs, value maps, and more.

3. Infographic Toolkit

With over 500 infographic designs, this robust pack delivers value and professional design right to you. Every element is easily customizable inside of After Effects. It even includes free video tutorials to help you get started.

Learn More About Infographics in After Effects

Infographics are amazing tools to help you and your audience visualize data. And with After Effects, they’re easy to build to meet your needs. They’re amazing tools, and to get started using them in your own projects, check out our tutorial on How (and Why) to Make Infographic Videos

Plus, if you’re looking for even more top infographic video templates for After Effects, check out our list of the best options available today.

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