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Boosting Color Using Photoshop’s LAB Mode

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In many behind-the-scenes video tutorials, we see awesome results but people are discouraged due to the expensive and professional equipment used. This tutorial will not only show you how to shoot a beautiful portrait with any camera, but also how to post-process your image perfectly.

What to Expect

In the first section of the video, Simon takes you on location to an old, eerie WW2 railway track where he shoots various textures and colors to help him show off the color boosting techniques.

Back in the studio he explains the benefits of using the first and most powerful technique – LAB – then takes you through the process step by step giving extra pointers along the way.

He later shows a simple way to achieve a similar color effect in Camera Raw, before concluding with side by side comparisons using Hue/Saturation and the LAB images.

Full Screencast

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