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Why White Light Isn't White, and Other Color Tips for Photographers

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If you have used a camera for any length of time, you're familiar with the idea that your camera has the ability to change something called white balance. Does this mean that white light is not white? Yes it does! In this video from my course, A Photographer's Guide to Light, you will find out why.

We'll also go through some practical examples of how the color of light can affect your photographs, and how you can handle situations with multiple light sources and varying color temperatures.

Colour and mixed lighting in photographyColour and mixed lighting in photographyColour and mixed lighting in photography

Watch the Full Course

Without light, there is no photography. In the full course, A Photographer's Guide to Light, you'll learn about visible light and the electromagnetic spectrum. You will learn about the three most important qualities of light for photographers: brightness, color, and contrast. 

Then you will learn about how light interacts with matter: how light is absorbed, how light is transmitted, and how light is reflected. We'll demonstrate the three types of reflection: diffuse, direct, and polarized. 

By the end of this course you'll have a solid understanding of light and how you can control it and work with it to create better images.

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