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Compositing Full Length Portraits into Scenes


Compositing full length images of people, animals or whole objects like cars can often involve a lot of work to get right both in camera and in post-production. In this video, I'll discuss tips to save the extra work of replacing the ground that the composite sits upon.

The most common type of portrait composite involves superimposing a waist-up shot over some type of background. This is done because it is relatively easy. There's no real interaction between the background and the subject.


Full length portraits are much harder because the feet of the subject have to come in contact with the background in a natural way, and often time the subject will cast a shadow onto the ground as well. There are some techniques that will make this process easier, and that's what you'll learn today.

Watch the Full Tutorial

Have you created any full length composites? Share you tips and tricks for completing the task in the comments below!

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