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Creating a Stunning WWII Composition: Part 1

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In this fantastic two part series, we’ll be covering a huge range of valuable techniques for photographers. Simon uses an existing background image from a trip to Prague as the basis for a historical WWII composition, hiring and photographing a model to complete the image.

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  1. Creating a Stunning WWII Composition: Part 1
  2. Creating a Stunning WWII Composition: Part 2

Creating a Stunning Historical Composition

Following a flash of inspiration while shooting in Prague in 2006, Simon revisits an image captured while there to composite a model dressed in a WWII Officer’s Uniform. We start off the first instalment in this two part series by being told the story behind the background image.

We then move swiftly into the studio, to be shown the lighting setup and what is looking to be achieved from it. Simon also chats about the challenges of matching the lighting on his model to that of the existing location background image.

We are then taken into a post-shoot chat where we view the selection of other background images captured in Prague as well as those captured in the studio of the model. Simon discusses the changes he made to the lighting and illustrates why these were done.

He also shows us a lighting diagram of the set, to help explain in further detail about the lighting arrangement and camera settings used.

To finish up he gives us a sneak preview of the image he will be showing during the comprehensive retouching and compositing in part two of this video.

Full Screencast

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