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Creating a Stunning WWII Composition: Part 2

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In this fantastic two part series, we’ll be covering a huge range of valuable techniques for photographers. Simon uses an existing background image from a trip to Prague as the basis for a historical WWII composition, hiring and photographing a model to complete the image. Today we’re following on from part one, heading into post-processing…

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Creating a Stunning Historical Composition

Following a flash of inspiration while shooting in Prague in 2006, Simon revisits an image captured while there to composite a model dressed in a WWII Officer’s Uniform. We continue in today’s video by heading into post-processing to marge the new photograph with the original background image.

Working with the finished stamp created last week, Simon starts by merging the two photos created last week together. He then resizes the photo and chooses the arrangement of the new composition.

What follows is an in-depth walkthrough of retouching, altering the lighting of each image, and perfecting the process of combining the two images – even down to adding a fake flame to the model’s lighter!

You’ll learn all manner of interesting tips and techniques that can then be applied to your own photographs.

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