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Creating an Editorial Portrait of an Artist

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Shooting a portrait of an artist has been a common assignment in photography classes for decades. It's also a common task for editorial photographers. I recently met up with painter Emily Brandehoff for a run-and-gun style photo shoot.

With my background in photojournalism, you might think that I'm against posing a portrait. The fact of the matter is that portraiture serves an important role in journalism. We can't always be there for important events. There also are occasions when we want to sum up a person's career or personality in one single image.


Unlike typical wedding or senior portraits, editorial portraits need to include context and environment, so a deep depth of field and wide angle lenses are often used. In this tutorial, you'll get a good idea of what it takes to make a portrait in this style, and then we'll take a couple of the images into Photoshop for some quick post-processing.

Watch the Full Tutorial

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