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Creating an HDR Time Lapse with SNS-HDR Pro

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In this tutorial, I'll show you how to shoot and post-process a high dynamic range (HDR) time lapse video. I'll start with the basic gear you need to shoot and take you through post-processing the files, exporting the images, and compiling them into a sequence.

Final Result

While the software package SNS-HDR Pro makes this whole process possible, we'll be integrating several other pieces of software into this process as well. SNS-HDR Pro will handle our initial edit, and then allow use to batch process our entire series of images.

Then I'll use After Effects to compile the images into the sequence and do some final adjustments to the overall tone and look of the video. As a bonus at the end of the video, I'll show you how to use LRTimelapse Pro in conjunction with Adobe Lightroom to fix any potential flicker problems you might have, though you'll need to do this at the beginning of the process if it's necessary.

Watch the Full Tutorial

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