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Preflight: How to Get Up and Flying with the DJI GO App

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Read Time: 3 mins

When you first open the DJI GO app you will see four different tabs located at the bottom of the screen. Equipment is the tab you will use to connect directly with your drone. Library will let you review clips you have shot with your drone. The Explore tab acts like a social media platform where you can share images and video with the DJI community. Finally is the Me tab where you can login to your DJI account and manage your account settings.

DJI Go app download pageDJI Go app download pageDJI Go app download page

1. Connect Your Mobile Device

Before moving on you will need to connect your mobile device with the DJI GO App installed to your remote controller using a USB cable connection. Then you can turn on the remote controller.

Drone control contected to tablet computerDrone control contected to tablet computerDrone control contected to tablet computer

2. Enter Camera View

Once you have everything connected and have turned on the remote controller and drone, click the Equipment tab and select Enter Camera View. You will then see the DJI HUD appear providing you with various information about your drone. The first thing to appear will be the Aircraft State which shows us some key information about the drone such as battery life, memory card information, and flight mode.

3. Calibrate Your Drone Compass

It is always a good idea to calibrate your drone's compass prior to each flight and you can achieve this from the Aircraft State menu.

4. Keep an Eye on the Top Menu Bar

 The top menu bar of the DJI GO App contains all of the various settings option pertaining to the flight of your drone. These include things such as the Home Menu, MC Settings, RC Settings, Battery Life,  and the Image Transmission Settings

5. The Drone HUD: Heads-Up Display

Your drone's information most vital flying information is in the HUD, or heads-up display, located at the bottom left corner of the screen. The HUD shows you key information, such as the direction, speed and height of your drone's flight. In the bottom right corner you also have a Map View, which is similar to a Google Earth view of the surrounding area.

The HUD gives you vital flight information.

More Helpful Controls

Quick Access Icons

Located on the far left of the screen are four Quick Access icons that allow for Auto Takeoff, Return to Home, various Camera Gimbal Modes, and to Set a New Home Point.

Camera Functions Menu

The Camera Functions Menu is located on the right side of the screen and give you access to all of the various camera settings. This menu is much like a settings menu on a traditional camera. You can quickly switch between video and photo modes, as well as adjust options like resolution, white balance, and picture profile. You will also see a large red button that enables recording. 

Intelligent Flight Modes

If you adjust the Flight Mode switch located at the top of the controller from P to F, you will gain access to the Intelligent Flight Mode Menu. This allows you to set automated flight paths for your drone such as orbit, follow me, or waypoints.

DJI Academy

Located on the Home Menu in the upper right corner is the DJI Academy page that gives you access to digital manual for your drone, video tutorials and a flight simulator.

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