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Next-Level Video: How to Capture Great High-and-Low Shots

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When shooting video, moving the camera up or down is a quick way to introduce a new dimension to your storytelling. Traditional tools, like tripods and shoulder rigs, can just get in your way; handheld is often the best way to capture incredible high-and-low shots.

In this lesson, you'll learn how to make handheld shots from interesting angles while on location. The full course, Video Production on the Go is available as part of membership to Envato Elements, along with stock footage, photos, templates to help you make great videos.

Varying the altitude of your camera gives your viewers a new perspective: imagine filming at ground level, or perhaps along the top of a wall. It forces a new view and encourages people to view things differently. The trick is to keep your camera stable. For shots taken near the ground, consider adding a top handle to your camera. It’ll help you add stability, and maximize your range of motion.

For shots at a higher level—say, above your head—it’s helpful to lean on something like a solid wall to gain stability. Holding your arms straight up is somewhat awkward, which might make your video shaky. It’s helpful to leverage a solid object for greater support. This is also a scenario in which built-in lens image stabilization will help your video remain smooth. A rotating grip handle is useful to give you greater control of the camera. By holding the base of your lens in one hand, and the grip handle in the other, you can keep the camera as steady as possible even when it’s high above your head.

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