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How to Enhance Your Images With Noise Reduction and Pre-Sharpening


Noise occurs when random pixels appear in your photograph, and it can give your image a grainy effect. When it's excessive and unintentional, noise can be distracting for viewers and can detract from the impact of your photos.

In this short video tutorial from my course on creating the pixel-perfect photograph, you are going to learn about the causes of noise in your photos, how to decrease it, and how to avoid introducing excessive noise yourself. You'll also learn why it is best to save noise correction until the very end, and the appropriate levels of pre-sharpening your image.

Watch the Tutorial

Watch the Full Course

Raw image data from a digital camera needs processing by a computer to turn it from a simple binary record to a beautiful visual image. While profiles and presets can do a good job, it always takes some human intervention to get things just right. 

In the full course, From RAW Capture to the Pixel-Perfect Photograph, you will learn a solid creative and technical foundation for working with images, and you will practice a processing methodology that takes the guesswork out of post-processing. 

Screenshot from the course From RAW Capture to the Pixel-Perfect PhotographScreenshot from the course From RAW Capture to the Pixel-Perfect PhotographScreenshot from the course From RAW Capture to the Pixel-Perfect Photograph

Although this course is delivered in Adobe Lightroom, the principles and methodology learned here are also easily transferable to similar software, such as Adobe Camera Raw and Capture One Pro.

You can also get a head start with your Lightroom post-production work by downloading some of the useful Lightroom presets from Envato Market.

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