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45 Free Instagram Story Video Templates for Premiere Pro


In this article, you're going to see free Instagram Story templates for Premiere Pro to help you keep your costs low and produce a truly professional Instagram Story video, including 45 free motion graphics templates.

Premium Premiere Pro Templates

Thanks to Envato Elements, you can keep your costs under control and source all the best video templates for Premiere Pro. For video producers, one subscription unlocks thousands of photosmusicvideo clipsfonts, graphics templates, and in-depth creative courses from Tuts+.

Here are a few of our favorite Instagram Story templates that you can download from Envato Elements. Make sure to play the previews to find the one that's right for you.

1. Instagram Stories

This stylish set of Instagram Story templates for Adobe Premiere Pro gives a lot of variety, with three versions with five, four or three stories. You can easily mix and match the text animations with graphics and your footage or photos to make Stories videos quickly. 100% Premiere Pro graphics and animations, no After Effects needed.


2. Instagram Stories Stomp

There's nothing understated about these "stomps." They're designed to stop your audience from swiping onto the next story. Type over the text animations to add a bit of information without creating the motion from scratch.


3. Fresh Instagram Stories

Versatile enough for a variety of purposes, these templates are as fresh as the name implies. You've got 22 separate styles to play with, including ten "swipe up" options that help redirect your audience to a page.


4. Instagram Stories — Finance (MOGRT)

Finance is always changing, and with the emergence of free stock trades, everyone wants a piece of the exciting world of finance. Use this template to explain a concept and promote your investment ideas.


5. Sports Instagram Stories

The world of sports has a massive following on Instagram. No matter what league or sport you promote, this template is a great way to bring the excitement of the world's greatest athletes to your next Instagram Story.


45 Free Instagram Story Templates for Premiere Pro from Mixkit

With the help of MixKit, you can source totally gratis Instagram Story templates for Premiere Pro. Let's look at 45 of their free-of-charge Instagram Story templates.

Vibrant Shapes Story

Shapes in motion do the heavy lifting in this easy-to-customize free Premiere Pro Instagram Story template.

Vibrant Shapes Free Premiere Pro Instagram Story Template

Travel Board Story

Ideal for travel accounts, this Instagram Story template for Premiere Pro is free and has a nice mix between text and space for your visuals (like photos and footage.) Use this to promote your trip and grow your audience.

Sale Story Board

The best Instagram Story templates are easy to work with. This template fits the mold because it's a breeze to just add these sale "stickers" on top of your content.

Simple Instagram Story

The name says it all! It's a very simple text animation with the option to encourage the user to "swipe up." This is a high quality option for a Premiere Pro Instagram Story template that's free.

Fall In Instagram Story

Quick animated text helps your viewer cut to the chase. Frame your content easily with this Premiere Pro Instagram Story template available for free.

Headline Instagram Story

Extra extra — read all about it! The focus of this template is on a headline and that makes it ideal for a news update.

Video Border Quote

Quotes are sure to inspire. Use this free Premiere Pro Instagram Story template to provide your favorite saying without obstructing the rest of the canvas.

Animated Round Quote

Here's another option for a quote focused video. It uses a simple mask like a peephole to your footage behind the main layer. It's a great looking Instagram Story template for Premiere Pro that's free.

Animated Round Quote Free Premiere Pro Instagram Story Template

Animated Border Quote

Animated borders surround your text with understated text behind it.

Shape Wave Instagram Story

It's amazing how much focus simple shapes can bring when they're set in motion. Use this template to garner attention.

Dots Instagram Story

Bold animation and simple shapes are the recipe for this marketing Premiere Pro Instagram template that's free.

Camera Filter Story

This free Premiere Pro Instagram Story template is a nice combination of attention on footage (with a photo overlay) plus text.

Vintage Instagram Story

You won't need to open Photoshop to add a vintage element to your Instagram Story. This template does the work and all you need is a photo or video clips.

Vintage Free Premiere Pro Instagram Story Template

Paper Instagram Story

Ideal for a minimal promotion, a simple paper fold effect won't distract from the text of your choice.

Promo Instagram Story

Quickly make promos with this Instagram Story template for Premiere Pro that's free. Text in motion works in harmony with your footage to introduce an offer.

Framed Box Quote

Here's another great option to focus on an impactful quote. It features just enough motion to stand out.

Angled Banner Quote

This angled banner leaves you room for a quote or even a way to introduce your upcoming sale for example.

Border Art Story

Mix motion borders with your text to create an Instagram Story in Premiere Pro.

Border Art Story Free Premiere Pro Instagram Story Template

Large Video Box Story

This Premiere Pro Instagram Story template that's free leaves plenty of room to drop in your video footage. Use the available text space for a bit of explanation or promotion.

Multi Box Story

This template has plenty of text boxes to show the details of your upcoming sale or promotion.

Grid Transition Story

Use your headline with the animated video opener for a professional Instagram Story.

Minimal Banner Story

The overlay is subtle so your audience won't be distracted from the footage you worked hard to capture.

Bold Instagram Story

Some Instagram Story templates are born to stand out. Use this bold option with a swipe up feature.

Video Story Box

This free Premiere Pro Instagram Story template features healthy use of white space so that it's easy to read. Use a bit of text with a short clip for a great story.

Video Story Box Free Premiere Pro Instagram Story Template

Video Shape Instagram Story

Here's a funky liquid shape effect that won't go unnoticed. Use it for a punchy promo.

Vertical Overlay Story Box

Use the vertical text boxes and easy overlays for your marketing campaign.

Vertical Overlay Story Box Free Premiere Pro Instagram Story Template

Striped Video Story

This Premiere Pro Instagram Story template that's free gives you three heading rows to provide details and a sales pitch.

Gradient Lines Instagram Story

Simple is the name of the game here. Use the always popular gradient effect to stop your viewers from swiping to the next clip.

Triangular Story Box

Here's another shape-based template for your next marketing pitch. Use the button to create a call-to-action.

Dark Instagram Story

It's ideal to use contrasting designs to stand out from the rest of the stories in your user's timeline. This is a dark and moody effect that's perfect for the purpose.

Big Quote Story Box

If you want a quote to be the focus of your story, this is the perfect Instagram Story template for you. The color controls make it easy to adapt to your brand.

Big Quote Story Box Marker Pen Free Premiere Pro Instagram Story Template

Simple Heading Instagram Story

This free Premiere Pro Instagram Story template is a great reminder of the "less is more" principle.

Product Instagram Story

Your product takes center stage with the help of this template. It works well with a product image on a transparent background layer.

Event Instagram Story

You'll need a focused marketing effort to make your event succeed. This is the right Instagram Story template for the occasion.

Marker Pen Instagram Story

This free Premiere Pro Instagram Story template feels hand-painted, but it's totally customizable. Just type over the placeholder for your sketched look.

Marker Pen Free Premiere Pro Instagram Story Template

Photo Filter Story

This neat effect uses a photo frame and filter effects to draw your audience's focus.

Ink Splash Story

Use the easy text box template with an ink splash effect.

Sale Price Instagram Story

Maybe the focus of your marketing campaign is to offer a killer price. Show those discounts with this free Premiere Pro Instagram Story template.

Spinning Text Quote

Put your quotation on the move with this spinning text template.

Spinning Text Quote Free Premiere Pro Instagram Story Template

Abstract Flowers Text Quote

There's truly a template for everything. This glitchy and flowery effect is impossible to simply scroll past.

Rounded Text Quote

Your text will fall right into the viewer's screen with the help of this free Adobe Premiere Instagram Story template.

Bold Quote Box

This Premiere Pro Instagram Story template is free and focuses on the text. It's really the perfect option to promote an event with a straightforward message.

Border Text Quote

Here's another great option to introduce an inspiring quote with just a few clicks.

Hashtag Banner Story

If the focus of your marketing campaign is a hashtag, this is the perfect template for you. Use this video to encourage your audience to share those hashtags.

Hashtag Banner Instagram Story Template

Revolving Heading Story

Rounding out our selection of Instagram Story templates for Premiere Pro, this free option uses a headline in motion to promote a product and exceptional pricing.

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