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How to Get Perfect Lighting When Photographing Artwork

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Proper positioning is key to getting even lighting, but how do you know it’s perfectly even? In this short video tutorial from my course Reprography: Transferring Artwork to the Digital Domain, you will learn how to use a light meter to ensure perfect lighting when photographing your 2D artwork or photos.

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Watch the Full Course

In the full course, Reprography: Transferring Artwork to the Digital Domain, you will learn how to stage, prep, light, and photograph accurate digital reproductions of 2D artwork and photos. 

First you'll learn how to set up your camera to photograph your art and keep it square. This setup works with many types of cameras. Then you will learn much more about lighting: not just how to use a light meter, but also how to set your lights to take advantage of the inverse square law for even lighting, and how to use a color checker for perfect color. Finally, you'll learn how to do basic post-processing to finish up your images.

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