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How to Add Transitions to Video in Premiere Pro (Comprehensive Guide)

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Transitions: they make any video more interesting. But what are they? In essence, transitions are how you move from one scene to another. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to add transitions to video in Premiere Pro for a smooth scene switch.

Instead of jumping from cut to cut, transitions ease viewers between visuals. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to add transition in Premiere Pro templates by installing them. Finally, we’ll explore some quick tips and tricks to help your transitions look their very best. 

How to Add Transitions in Premiere Pro (Step by Step)

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to add transitions in Premiere Pro. It’s an easy process, and it’s one that will elevate every video you produce. Knowing how to add transitions to video in Premiere Pro is a sure way to make each video more compelling. And what’s more: you don’t have to be an expert to do it!

To demonstrate how to add a transition in Premiere, we’ll use a premium transition pack from Envato Elements. The Modern Transitions are a sleek way to add cool transition effects to your videos. Download them today to follow along.

You’ll also see us working with two stock video clips from Envato Elements. Check them out here and here

Let’s dive in and learn how to add transitions to video in Premiere Pro now.

1. Import Transitions to Premiere Pro

We’re working in a Premiere Pro project here. It’s very simple: it consists of two video clips, one right after the other. Right now, they don’t have any transitions. One clip simply ends, and the video jumps to the next clip.

While this is certainly an option, this can make your videos appear jumpy and hard to follow. It’s a good idea to elevate your visual style with the creative use of transitions.

With the Modern Transitions downloaded, let’s get them added to Premiere Pro. This way, we can view and add them to our video. 

First, go ahead and extract the downloaded .zip file containing your transitions. In this example, they’re packaged as motion graphics files, called .mogrts. These are visual graphics that are easy to view and manipulate. They offer you more ability to customize and edit to your liking than many other transition effects.

How to add transitions in Premiere ProHow to add transitions in Premiere ProHow to add transitions in Premiere Pro
Extract the downloaded .zip file and find the transition effects inside.

With the .zip file extracted, let’s learn how to add a transition in Premiere. Working with your project open in Premiere Pro, find the Graphics and Titles menu at the top of your screen. It’s on the list of Premiere Pro menu options across the top. This menu holds the keys of how to add transitions in Premiere Pro.

How to add a transition in PremiereHow to add a transition in PremiereHow to add a transition in Premiere
Click Graphics and Titles > Install Motion Graphics Template to import transition effects for Premiere Pro.

Click Graphics and Titles, and choose Install Motion Graphics Template. You’ll find this option near the top of the list of available options. When you click here, you’ll find a file browser.

Use it to navigate to the MOGRTs stored in the downloaded folder that you just extracted. Then, select one of the effects and click Open. Premiere Pro will import the motion graphic transition that you’ve chosen!

2. Add Transitions to Your Project

With a transition imported, it’s time to add it to your project. You’ll need to launch the Essential Graphics sidebar, which will open when you follow the import steps.

At the top, you’ll see two tabs: Browse and Edit. Click on Browse. Then, scroll through the list of thumbnail options. You’ll see default, built-in effects. At the bottom, you’ll see the transition that you just imported.

To see how to add transitions to video in Premiere Pro, click and drag on the thumbnail of the transition effect. Then, drop it over the area where your two video clips join together. Place it one row above, as shown in the screenshot below.

Center it, so it’s equally split between the first clip and the second. (You can put transitions wherever you want, but this way preserves the smoothest visual look and feel). 

How to add transition in Premiere ProHow to add transition in Premiere ProHow to add transition in Premiere Pro
Drag the transition effect onto your timeline and place it across two clips.

Now, give your transition a quick preview. To do that, drag the playback slider back to the first clip in your project. Then, click Play (or press Spacebar). When you do, you’ll see your Premiere Pro transition in action!

Instead of jumping directly from one clip to another, you’ll see the cool effects overlaid on screen. This provides a stunning, clear visual break between scenes in the action.

3. Customize Premiere Pro Transition Effects 

You now know how to add a transition in Premiere Pro! But this isn’t the limit of your newfound style prowess. With .mogrt transitions added, you can customize them. For example, you can adjust their color palette.

This one has a cool white, blue, and purple scheme. But what if you want to change the colors? You might want to use different ones that better match your clips. Or, you may have a brand color palette that you’d like to feature. Easy!

Begin by making sure that you have the transition effect selected. This is done by clicking on it once in the Sequence timeline. Then, return to the Essential Graphics sidebar. But this time, choose Edit. When you do, you’ll see each of the three colors listed. To change one, click on the color preview. For example, here let’s click on the purple box.

How to add transitions to video in Premiere ProHow to add transitions to video in Premiere ProHow to add transitions to video in Premiere Pro
Use the Edit option on the Essential Graphics sidebar to adjust the color palette of your Premiere Pro transitions.

When you click, Adobe Premiere Pro will launch the Color Picker. Here, you can select any color that you want to replace the purple hues. The power of the app lets you make precise edits here: for instance, it’s possible to add a color hex for a precise match. 

Using the color chooser, let’s choose a new shade. When you’ve found one you want to use, click OK. Now, preview your footage and transitions again. You’ll see the new color or colors you chose incorporated seamlessly into the transition effect.

Not only do you know how to add transitions in Premiere Pro. You now know how to customize them to effortlessly match your favorite designs and hues.

How to add transitions in Premiere Pro mogrtHow to add transitions in Premiere Pro mogrtHow to add transitions in Premiere Pro mogrt
Preview your new effects by playing your finished video.

Whenever you work with video projects in Adobe Premiere Pro, don’t forget to add transitions! It’s clear how helpful they are to really help your content shine and look its best. And they’re amazingly easy to add, thanks to the power of premium templates from Envato Elements.

5 Top Premiere Pro Transition Design Tips and Tricks (For Cool 2023 Videos)

You learned how to add a transition in Premiere in just a few clicks! The task is quick and simple. And it helps your videos look amazing. Sure, the app has built-in transitions. But it's far more powerful to use these advanced templates. 

To succeed and wow any audience, it pays to embrace the latest design tips and tricks. Here, we’ve compiled five of the very best.

1. Be Bold

Transitions are meant to be visually arresting. That means that they should grab the focus of your audience! And using bland, flat effects won’t help you here.

When you choose transition effects for Premiere Pro, choose bold and colorful designs. Cool styles like this look visually amazing on-screen. And they provide unmistakable visual breaks between scenes in your videos. They’re your best bet to keep your audience entertained in 2023 and beyond.

2. Use Titles with Transitions

When you know how to add a transition in Premiere, you can segue from scene to scene with ease. But you may find yourself wanting to add additional context. This helps your audience follow along and stay engaged with you.

Titles are a great way to do that in Premiere Pro. With titles, you can add text effects to clips in Premiere. Custom text like this allows you to bring the clarity and sleek designs that your projects deserve. Audiences will thank you.

Think of this as another option as you master how to add a transition in Premiere Pro projects. Read on for more information on Premiere Pro titles:

3. Choose Themed Effects

Generic transitions can be useful. But why not be more specific? With thousands of designs to choose from on Envato Elements, you have many options. 

Try and find transitions that complement your videos. For example, you might want to use a winter themed pack if you’re producing a video about snowboarding. This preserves a consistent theme for your video! And these blend flawlessly with the video clips they overlay.

4. Sequence Videos Efficiently

Video projects in Premiere Pro are structured using a sequence. Essentially, a sequence contains every asset that you’ll use in your videos. It includes your videos, transitions, graphics, text, and more. Compiling these efficiently helps you work smarter as you edit.

Fortunately, with some planning, it’s easy to build sequences in Premiere Pro that work great. For example, you can add multiple transitions and clips to a sequence at once. This streamlines the editing process. You won’t be wasting a ton of time getting your media imported.

Learn more with our full tutorial:

5. Aim for Versatility and Consistency

Versatile Premiere Pro template packs are your best bet for 2023. These often include dozens or hundreds of versatile transition effects. This saves you from jumping from template to template to find the right effects.

You achieve several key benefits with this technique. First and foremost, you maintain a consistent look and feel. Even transitions with different styles should share a unified palette and aesthetic. This ensures that your videos always look professional.

The Top Source for Adobe Premiere Pro Transitions (Unlimited Downloads in 2023)

As you can see, Adobe Premiere Pro transitions are powerful video tools. The best source for these is Envato Elements. Elements is a powerful creative resource with a winning offer. For a flat monthly rate, you can download and use as many premium Premiere Pro transitions as you want.

Elements how to add a transition in PremiereElements how to add a transition in PremiereElements how to add a transition in Premiere
Envato Elements: millions of creative assets, unlimited downloads.

That isn’t all. As a subscriber, you’ll enjoy unlimited access to millions of other digital assets. These include video templates, stock footage, fonts, and more. All can be paired with Premiere Pro transitions to craft unforgettable videos. You can’t afford to miss out!

How to add transitions in Premiere Pro with ElementsHow to add transitions in Premiere Pro with ElementsHow to add transitions in Premiere Pro with Elements
Some of the thousands of premium Premiere Pro transition templates available on Envato Elements.

When you choose a premium Envato Elements template, you’ll enjoy effects far superior to free designs from around the web. Go premium with Elements and experience:

  • Cinematic styles. With designs built by video experts, you’ll find studio-quality effects at your fingertips.
  • Easy-to-use files. Envato Elements templates are built with you in mind. They’re intuitive and easy to use, built for those who aren’t video experts. Many include helpful tutorials and documentation too!
  • Inspiring features. Not sure how to transition videos from scene to scene? When you use template packs, you’ll benefit from design inspirations as you peruse the available options.

You know how to add transitions in Premiere Pro. It's even more powerful when you leverage premium options like the ones you saw in this tutorial.

As you can see, Envato Elements is the ultimate value for creatives today. Join today and start exploring the vast library!

Now You Know How to Add Transitions to Video in Premiere Pro

Just like that, you learned how to add transitions to video in Premiere Pro. As you can tell, it’s a direct way to make videos more engaging. With transitions, you truly elevate your projects. And thanks to the power of premium transitions, you don’t have to have any design skills!

Let your imagination run free. Explore cool transition effects and start using them in your videos today. You - and your audiences - will be glad you did! It’s a new frontier in styling, and you should embrace it today.

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