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60 Second How-to: Fix Photo Defects in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom


No matter how expensive your lens is, it's likely to introduce imperfections to the image. Here are several common items you can correct for:

  • Distortion - distortion turns real-life straight lines into wavy ones in your image. Pincushion distortion feels like the image is being sucked into the center, while barrel distortion shows a bulge toward the center of the frame.
  • Vignetting - vignetting is the darkening of the edges of images, which are particularly problematic for landscape images featuring blue skies that should be consistent across the frame.
  • Chromatic aberration - also known as color fringing, this often shows as purple edges on the edge of subjects and is particularly prevalent at wide apertures or with backlighting.

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to correct for lens effects in just 60 seconds. We'll take a look at both automatic and manual correction options in Adobe Lightroom.

Lens Corrections in 60 Seconds

You might be surprised to learn how easy this feature is to use in Adobe Lightroom. You'll learn how to use the lens database to automatically correct for the imperfections that plague many images. Check out the screencast below.


Keep Learning

Check out the other tutorials below to learn more about lenses and correcting for their imperfections:

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