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How to Check for Correct Skin Tones in Video With Adobe Premiere Pro

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There's nothing worse than skin that looks unnatural in video footage. We've all had cases where a subject looked overly orange thanks to incandescent lighting, or washed out thanks to nasty fluorescent bulbs.

Have no fear! Thanks to Adobe Premiere, you can easily correct skin tones in your video footage after the fact. Check out the lesson above to learn more about how skin tones in Premiere.

Skin tone corrections adobe premiereSkin tone corrections adobe premiereSkin tone corrections adobe premiere

Watch the Full Course

If you've used Premiere, you know that it can do practically anything with video footage. But you may not know how to accomplish the task at hand. That's why I recommend taking my course, How to Color Correct Video with Adobe Premiere. Maybe you need to edit a video for a work or school project: save yourself the learning curve, learn the essentials of how to color correct just like the pros do.

You can jump right in with a subscription to Envato Elements. You get access not only to this course, but to the entire library of 1,000 courses.

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