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How To Choose Video Recording Formats

This post is part of a series called Video Jumpstart Guide.
The DSLR Revolution: No Longer Just About the Camera
Creative Aspect Ratio Techniques

Whatever camera you use, and whether you're shooting for the cinema screen or the web, you want to record the best quality possible.

This lesson shows that resolution is more important than people think, and that there are more choices to be made when choosing how to compress footage, if you're to get the balance between size and quality right.

The video shows sample footage from low-end DSLRs, through to RAW footage, so you can see the end result even when it's compressed to a small web file.  Without breaking the bank on endless hard drives and camera cards, you can test out the various formats and see what gives a result the works for your projects. 


Document icon by Jamison Wieser from the Noun Project.

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