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How to Create a Film Effect in Adobe Lightroom in 60 Seconds

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Read Time: 2 min

Everything old is new again! No longer content with technical excellence, photographers have been recreating analog looks with digital images in recent years.

Adobe Lightromo has plenty of tools to simulate a film effect on digital images. The tone curve is one of the best ways to apply a film effect, and you'll see how to use it in this video lesson.

60 Seconds: How to How to Create a Film Effect in Adobe Lightroom

In this quick screencast, I'll show you how to create a film effect that you can easily use with your images. You'll learn how to use the tone curve to create the starting point for a film effect.

For a more complete look at building a film style, check out the tutorial below:

Envato Elements: Featured Lightroom Presets

Thanks for watching the tutorial! If you want to try out a more ready-made film effect, check out Lightroom presets on Envato Elements. All of these preset packs (and 100+ more) are available as a part of Elements.

Film Simulation Presets: The Film Collection

This pack is a great way to get started with simulating film styles. Each of the presets in this pack brings a slightly different film simulation to the table.

The Film CollectionThe Film CollectionThe Film Collection
The Film Collection by Presetrain

Soft Color Film Effects: Deeptone

This pack of film presets has a slightly darker, more faded style that really captures the essence of film photography. 

Deeptone by Presetrain

Black and White: Blacktone

Blacktone has a variety of monochrome effects, including one specifically that simulates black and white film.

Blacktone by Presetrain

Keep Learning

Lightroom is a deep app, but you can learn it piece-by-piece using tutorials. Check out any of the resources below to keep mastering Lightroom.

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