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How to Create Continuity in Your Videos With Color Grading

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Read Time: 2 mins

Many elements go into elevating a video production from simply watchable to truly memorable. One is continuity of feeling: a consistent look and feel that ties distinct shots together into a cohesive whole.

By making a few simple adjustments during the edit process, you can give your own work the same visual treatment behind the best professional productions. Productions may include many shots, each of which will be influenced by a variety of factors—setting, subject, lighting, and composition, to name only a few. 

Each shot as a whole may look great. But when taken together, they may appear more as a series of clips than a truly cohesive film.

One key to building cohesiveness is to use a color grade on your footage Color grading is the art of modifying individual color elements such as warmth, saturation, and contrast. Altering these color grades establishes a similar tonality between each shot. When you build a consistent color grade, you’ve established congruence between each and every element of your production. 

Countless adjustments can be made, and they’ll vary between every production. However, for an in-depth example, the video above takes a look at how to introduce continuity of feeling into a video project. You’ll see exactly how to deploy video editing tools and techniques to expertly use color grading in your own work.

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