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How to File News and Feature Photo Assignments the Right Way

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What You'll Be Creating

While working on assignment, the deadline is constantly looming. Keeping organized will help you get your assignment in on time. It doesn't matter why: if you miss a deadline you are likely holding up the entire publication.

In this video tutorial from my course, Introduction to News and Editorial Assignment Photography, I'll take you through the process of filing a feature assignment, so that you can approach it without feeling daunted.

I'll be using Photo Mechanic in the tutorial, but the general strategies I cover will be the same if you're using other software like Adobe Lightroom. Andrew Childress has a good tutorial on how to use Photo Mechanic and Lightroom together.

Watch the Tutorial

Watch the Full Course

Do you want to start shooting assignments professionally? Not sure where to start? Amateur photographers are often ready to work professionally but get stuck navigating the murky world of professional photojournalism. 

In the full course, Introduction to News and Editorial Assignment Photography, you will learn how to work in news and editorial photography. We'll cover the full process of any assignment, from news to sports and from editorial portraits to food photography. 

By the end, you'll be well positioned to take on any feature photography assignment and complete it successfully.

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