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How to Get Aviation Insurance for Your Drone

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Even if you are just going to be flying your drone recreationally, it is a good idea to acquire aviation liability insurance in case your drone is in an accident causing damage to a person or property. I should also note that traditional liability insurance does not cover drones.

You are free to choose any drone insurer, however I am going to be going over the process I went through with the drone insurance company Transport Risk Management.

How to Quality for Aviaition Insurance

Transport Risk Management requires pilots to meet two criteria before they can apply for aviation insurance. 

Drone in flight over mountainsDrone in flight over mountainsDrone in flight over mountains

100-200 Successful Drone Flights

The first criteria is completing anywhere from 100-200 successful drone flights. This ensures that you a familiar with piloting your drone and the proper maintenance and procedures involved. It is a good idea to keep records of all of your flights with a flight log. You can download a free flight log template attached in the project files.

Flight log templateFlight log templateFlight log template
Your flight log template doesn't need to be complicated, but you definitely need to keep one.

Online Qualification Class

The second criteria is completing an online drone education class. The class I took was presented by Unmanned Experts. The class was roughly 20 hours long and has quizzes to help test your knowledge along the way.

Insurance Forms

Once you have met these two criteria, you will need to contact your insurance broker in order to fill out your insurance application forms. You will be required to answer questions about your estimated yearly flight hours, the purpose of your drone flights and specific details about your drone.

And that's it! For a more general introduction to insurance for photo and video, I suggest Marie Gardiner's Are You Ready for the Worst?

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