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Which Type of Photography Portfolio Should You Use?

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Read Time: 1 min

You can present a photography portfolio in several different forms. You could show your images on a website, in an app designed for a tablet, in PDF form, or in a printed book. But which is best?

Web portfolioWeb portfolioWeb portfolio
Example of a web portfolio
Tablet portfolioTablet portfolioTablet portfolio
Example of a tablet portfolio

In this video tutorial from my course, The Photographer's Portfolio, we take a closer look at the main types of portfolios and what each portfolio requires in its creation process. We'll look at the pros and cons of each, when they might be right for you, and some tips for creating them successfully.

Print portfolioPrint portfolioPrint portfolio
Example of a print portfolio
PDF portfolioPDF portfolioPDF portfolio
Example of a PDF portfolio

Watch the Full Course

The full course, The Photographer's Portfolio, demystifies the process of creating a photographer's portfolio. You'll learn how to best present your work in a way that communicates your personal vision as a photographer, builds your confidence, and helps you maintain a fulfilling photography practice.

You'll learn about the process of selecting images for your portfolio, and then you'll get comprehensive guidance on different ways of presenting your portfolio: on the web, on a tablet, as a PDF, and in printed form.

When you're ready to create your portfolio, you can use some of the fantastic print portfolio templates and web portfolio templates on Envato Market to get you started.

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