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How to Install .MOGRTs in Premiere Pro + Free Template

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In this tutorial you'll learn how to make an animated text-based motion graphics opener video from a free template for Premiere Pro, adding your own media and modifying text, colours, and font.

An opener is a memorable, attention-getting beginning for your video. YouTube creators, for example, often do a quick on-screen address to say “hey” and explain what the episode is all about, followed by a fun introduction to get those watching excited.

How to Install a Template

Here's the template we'll use in this tutorial. It's available for free from Mixkit, which is also by Envato.

1. Download Animated Text Opener (Free)

A fast and bold text opener switching between solid and video background frames. Download from Mixkit.

This template comes with 22 template files to choose from. You'll be able choose any font, edit the size and position of both the frame and text as well as adjust the opacity.

Before we edit a template from Mixkit, we'll first need to bring it into Premiere Pro (you will need Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 installed). Find the downloaded files in your Downloads folder. 

2. Add MOGRT File Templates To Premiere Pro

MOGRT is short for Motion Graphics Template, and it is the container for an animation exported from Adobe After Effects. For easy, seamless editing, we'll work with the .mogrt template files in Premiere Pro via the Essential Graphics Panel.

Open your project in Premiere Pro. Click Graphics at the top (marked 1 on the image below). Find the Essential Graphics panel (2) on the right side of the screen. If it’s not open already, go to Window > Essential Graphics.

In the right-bottom corner of the panel click on the little template icon, Install Motion Graphics Template. Browse to the location of your .mogrt file and select it, then click Open. Now you can browse through the options and select a template.

For demonstration, we're looking at one of the more basic animations, Title_02 Opener, though the parameters that are available to edit are the same throughout this pack. Below is a screen caption displaying all editable parameters on the right-hand side.

Helpful Tips on How to Use Templates

Templates are great as a starting point, but make sure to play around and tweak parameters to suit your project, creating something new that's fresh and exciting. Start with templates that don't require plug-ins. You'll find that with small steps you'll be getting the hang of it.

Many template downloads come with a tutorial. It's fun to jump in head first and figure things out on your own, but ultimately these tutorials will save you time.

If you're using many different templates across different projects, remember to be organized and keep them in relevant, well-labelled folders. Before jumping in to your project, try playing around with the template. Make a no-pressure test project to learn the ins and outs of the template before you have to produce your final project.

Here's the finished edit:

That's it! Mixkit is a great resource for those on budget or just looking for something simple yet still high quality.

Premiere Pro Opener Templates From Envato Elements

Make sure to check out all the other amazing resources Envato has available such as: tutorials, award-winning templates, stock media, and wonderful selection of audio to help you finish any current or future project.

If you’re producing regular content for your channel or are working as a freelancer, Envato Elements can help you save time while quickly improving the quality of your final projects. A monthly or annual subscription gives you access to a large library of creative tools, like an amazing video template archive, stock video, music, and courses here on Tuts+. Here's an example template for Elements:

Urban Intro

A great intro template if your channel is focused around busy cities that have a bold attitude. Urban Intro has RGB splits, beautiful transitions, layered textures, and large text, that’s in a package that is easy to customize so you can represent yourself effectively.

Keep Learning

Here are a few more tutorials and templates to help you learn about video editing and motion graphics in Premiere Pro.

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