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How to Make a Podcast Video Using Restream Studio

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Read Time: 4 mins

Whether you are just starting out in podcasting or a seasoned pro, it's likely that you've been thinking about how to host your show and improve your workflow. Nowadays, there are many options that offer a one-stop shop for podcasting production. In this tutorial, we'll take a look at Restream to show you how can create an entire podcast using the tools in their studio.

How to Record a Podcast Without Going Live

If you are looking to record a podcast that you'll be able to edit before posting, you'll need to get the standard package or above. There are a few options with different prices that you can check out on the Restream pricing page. I'm currently using the basic free package, but walking you through the process is still possible. 

I'd say the free account is great for fun as a hobby and some chats, but if you're looking to do more and connect with a larger audience, the Standard Account is likely the way to go.

Restream Studio LayoutRestream Studio LayoutRestream Studio Layout
Restream Studio Layout

Once you join Restream, you'll enter the studio, which looks like the image above, where you can make your selections. If you are looking to record first and release at a later date, you'll want to select the Record Only button. This turns off your destinations channel, making it possible to record your content without streaming. When you've finished your podcast, click on the End Recording button, and your session will be saved and backed up in the cloud. From here, you can access and edit your sessions and then schedule them to go live on a large range of social media platforms.

A Little About Audio in Restream

Regardless of your account, Restream offers high-resolution audio that's available on all free and paid plans. 

Selecting High-Resolution AudioSelecting High-Resolution AudioSelecting High-Resolution Audio
Selecting High-Resolution Audio

Here's a rundown of the technical side:

The High-Resolution Audio setting in Restream lets you record at a sample rate of 48kHz with a 256 kbps bitrate, with the option to choose between mono and stereo recording. To turn this setting on, use the shortcut S to open the settings. Then go to Audio > Show Advanced Options > High-Resolution Audio to toggle that feature on. Let's jump into inviting guests.

Inviting Guests to Your Podcast

Restream has a very easy-to-use and intuitive layout. To invite guests to your podcast, all you have to do is click the Invite Guest button while in the studio (top left). This will provide you with a link you can share with your participants. With Restream, you can have up to 10 guests (6 in the basic package) join your podcast. What's nice is that you can control guests' volume and choose how their video is displayed. Restream has a great in-depth article that covers all the details.

Adding Destinations 

Restream's DestinationsRestream's DestinationsRestream's Destinations
Restream's Destinations

When it comes to releasing your podcasts, you have a selection of over 30 choices that you can connect your accounts to. Doing this is very simple. Select Add Destination, make a selection, and then follow the prompts. 

There are some cool things about Restream that I really enjoy, the main one being its functionality. With it, you can create an event, go live, and it will automatically start broadcasting the livestream to all your connected destinations. It even starts to collect all of your audience chat messages, which is great if you do interactive podcasts, although I see that being mostly used with live streaming.

Making Your Podcast Yours

There are a lot of great features of Restream. For one, I love how easy the customization is to understand. Everything you need is seen at a glance, making it super easy to navigate. Whether it's sharing your screen, changing your layout on the fly with Shift-1–6, accessing your chatroom, or adding overlays and logos, it's all easy to do. With no menu deep dives, everything you need is at your fingertips and is a pleasure to explore. It's a powerful control centre that doesn't feel alien or overly complicated, making it a great option for your streaming and podcasting production. 

Thanks for checking this out! Head over to Restream and sign up for a free account so you can play around a bit. You'll quickly get a feel for what you can do, as well as the limitations and requirements that come with the basic package. 

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