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How to Make Better Portraits Using the Secret of Open Shade

This post is part of a series called Environmental Portraiture: How to Go Beyond the Ordinary.
Making Your Vacation Portraits Pop!
Environmental portrait made using open shadeEnvironmental portrait made using open shadeEnvironmental portrait made using open shade

Working in open shade is like working with a giant soft-box: soft and luminous, and it makes the eyes sparkle. Finding this type of lighting situation is one of the most sure-fire ways to make a pleasing portrait. 

In this short video tutorial from my Environmental Portraiture course, you'll see a quick example of how to use open shade to create an effective portrait.

Watch the Tutorial

Watch the Full Course

Environmental portraiture is all about natural lighting techniques. Natural lighting is the most beautiful and most affordable kind of portrait lighting; all you need is a little bit of sunlight! 

In the full course, Environmental Portraiture, you'll learn to use daylight with precision, work smoothly with your portrait subjects, and make imaginative use of your environment to create unique and stunning portraits.

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