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How to Make Secondary Color Corrections in Adobe Premiere

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Adobe Premiere features built-in tools that help you color correct your video. Virtually every piece of video footage will need some amount of color correction, whether that is to naturally color balance or a creative effect you want to apply to the color rendering of the image.

Even if you're a master of color correction, you might find yourself with complex lighting to correct for. Imagine incandescent lighting from a warm bulb combined with cool light coming from the windows, for example.

In the lesson below, you'll see an example of using secondary color correction to fix a scenario just like this. In the video lesson above, you'll learn to use the secondary color correction panel to control for mixed lighting.

Secondary Color Correction Adobe PremiereSecondary Color Correction Adobe PremiereSecondary Color Correction Adobe Premiere

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Color correction has many aspects and elements. You need a working knowledge of the tools in Premiere that you can use to really give your footage the color effects you want. The course How to Color Correct Video with Adobe Premiere is a great way to familiarize yourself with those tools and get up and running.

Maybe you need to edit a video for a work or school project. If you want to save yourself countless hours of tackling the learning curve, this course is the best way to take it on. Skip the hours of experimentation in the app and learn how to color correct with this course.

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