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Layer Manager: How to Better Organize After Effects Projects

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In this lesson we are going to look at how we can manage After Effects layers much easier using the Layer Manager 3 script from Videohive.

Layer Manager 3

So what is Layer Manager 3? It is a script for Adobe After Effects that lets you to quickly group layers together by name and color throughout your project. This can make it really easy to identify different things inside your project and can help 'clean things up' before you forward a project to a client or team member.

Layer Manager 3 interfaceLayer Manager 3 interfaceLayer Manager 3 interface
Organizing asset types by color.

Besides name and assigning colors to layer groups, you also have the ability to toggle on and off common functions in After Effects that will only affect the groups you specify. Functions such as:

  1. Solo Group
  2. Turn off Visibility for the Group in the Comp
  3. Use Group as Guide Layers
  4. Hide all Group Layers in the Timeline (Shy all of the Group Layers)
  5. Lock all of the Group Layers
  6. Turn off all FX for the Group Layers
Organized layers in After EffectsOrganized layers in After EffectsOrganized layers in After Effects

You can also easily add more layers to a group at anytime (or remove layers) and you can add layers to a group that are in different composition timelines. (The script works for the entire project, not just one timeline.)

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