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Set Up for Success: How to Organize Video With Bins in Avid Media Composer

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What You'll Be Creating

Avid Media Composer is professional-grade video editing software with a steep learning curve. With a bit of help and a practical project, however, even the newest video editors can unlock its power. 

In this short video tutorial from my course on Video Editing in Avid Media Composer, you will develop the core knowledge of how bins work and how to use them. Good media management is the key to any successful project, and bins are the place to start. A bin is a virtual folder; if you've used collections in Adobe Lightroom, bins will feel familiar.

Watch the Tutorial

Watch the Full Course

In the full course, Introduction to Video Editing in Avid Media Composer, you'll get a comprehensive guide to using Avid Media Composer. You'll learn how to use this powerful software to combine footage, graphics and audio to create polished videos that can be shared with anyone.

Or if you already know the basics and want to learn some more advanced techniques, try the follow-up course, Essential Video Effects in Avid Media Composer. You can also find some fantastic video resources on Envato Market.

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