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How to Record a Remote Guest Interview Video With

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Record video with your podcast audio, and you are well on your way to making a podcast video.

Making Podcast Video

In our previous tutorial we covered the basics of recording a podcast with video using a remote workflow in There are many advantages to a remote interview workflow, but the big one is that you can record people from all over the world, in their own spaces. That makes making a podcast a lot easier, in some ways, than producing out of a studio.

In this tutorial we'll go over a few tips and tricks on using to create an excellent interview experience for your guests.

A young women recording a remote podcast - Available from Envato Elements

Setting Up Your Interview For Success

After you've reached out and the guest has agreed to the recording, the first thing you'll want do is send a follow up that can prep your guest through the technical requirements. Here are some recommendations that could apply to almost every setting.

Structure and Topics

It can be helpful for everyone to have a general outline of the session, and this should give your guests the rundown of the points you'd like to chat about. I know, it may sound like a lot, and maybe this is overkill for a certain styles. That being said, if you do long-form interviews, the outline gives the chance for everyone to be on the same page as well as give you feedback and express concerns.

Technical Need To knows is honestly a pleasure to use, from both the host and guests perspective. Simply send your guest the session link and provide them the scoop on the how the software and green room works. The biggest hurdle is you have to use Google's Chrome as your browser. Other than that, it's a no-fuss prompt that allows you to select your microphone, the camera, and monitors, and test your connections.'s green room

Microphones and Monitoring

Thankfully, your guests don't have to break the bank to get good quality sound: just a pair of headphones with a built-in microphone. This will also eliminate any echoing effects.

The perfect solution for your guests to record and monitor their audio

Selecting Your Camera

Newer laptop cameras are relatively OK, but an adjustable camera is recommended for the best image quality. If you are using laptop cameras, get the participant to sit the laptop on a stack of books or a box, so that the camera is at eye level.

The Room: Lighting, Framing, and Hopefully Quiet

This is a good opportunity to talk about the frame. It's best to be a bit flexible since not everyone has professional lights. A nice open window with daylight coming in can provide all the light you need to have a shot look great, and works even better if you can diffuse the light with a sheer curtain or thin white dropsheet. Pair that with a quiet room and you've got a great start.

If aesthetics matter to you, this is the time to gently let your guests know, making sure to give suggestions. I think it's fair to ask someone to maybe tidy up the shot a bit-anything more might be crossing the line.  

Finishing Up and Exporting Your Session

At the end of you session, your guests will have to stick around for a second. This is to let the session to be uploaded from the cloud. If on the off-chance someone leaves early, don't fret. You can send a link, after the fact, via email to the guest, and they can complete their upload from where they left off.


The best thing about is that it is well thought-out and a pleasure to use, even for first-time participants. It doesn't have any deep menu dives or confusing language that can alienate your guests, nor does it expect the guest to sign up for any plan or even require an email. All the sessions are backed up and secure for all parties.

Thanks for following along!

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