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How to Split Screens Side by Side in Premiere Pro

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Read Time: 11 min

Video is a compelling way to share stories with the world! But if one video is good, why not go for multiple videos, onscreen at one time? With Adobe Premiere Pro split screen, you can share multiple videos onscreen at once. It opens up many creative possibilities.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to put videos side by side in Premiere Pro. We'll also use templates to streamline the process into a few quick steps. When you know how to use Adobe Premiere Pro split screen, you can mix and match video files into one production.

Let's learn how to use split screen in Premiere Pro.

How to Put Videos Side by Side in Premiere Pro

Using Premiere Pro split screen is easy. That’s all thanks to premium templates that automate what could be a complex process. But before we dive in, it pays to consider the key advantages. Why should you use Premiere Pro split screen in your next video?

Think of this:

  • You’ll impress your audience. Many videos are simple narratives that move from clip to clip, just like a slideshow. Why not create something more impressive, with multiple clips playing at once?
  • You can create shorter videos. Trying to share online? A lengthy video is off-putting to many audiences. With split screen productions, you can show more in less time.
  • Viewers can experience many perspectives. Want to share the same scene from different sides? You can with split screens, simultaneous comparisons included! 

These are just a few of the benefits of working with Premiere Pro split screen. Now, let’s explore how to use Adobe Premiere Pro split screen, step by step.

1. Use a Premium Split Screen for Premiere Pro Template

The best way to use split screen in Premiere Pro is with a premium template from Envato Elements. A split-screen template does the complex design work for you. And with hundreds of options to choose from, finding the right one for your next project is easy.

For this tutorial, let’s use the beautiful Multiscreen - 5 Split Screen template from Envato Elements. It’s a studio-quality pack built for split screen use. Inside are several different layout designs that feature an array of clips at once.

With them, you’ll learn to add your own video clips to create projects of your own. Go ahead and download the template from Elements to follow along with the tutorial guide below.

2. Launch Premiere Pro and Prepare Your Workspace

With the template downloaded, open it up. Inside, you’ll find ten .mogrt files. These are Motion Graphics Template files. They’re pre-built themes for Premiere Pro that support adding your own custom content. In this case, you’ll learn how to add a few video clips. 

Now, the next step is to go ahead and launch a new project in Adobe Premiere Pro. When you do, you’ll see two key panels. The first is in the upper center of your screen. It’s called the Program Monitor. Here, you’ll see video previews of the footage and templates that you’re working with. Think of it as the live preview for the projects you’re building.

Below is the Timeline. It shows and controls tracks - both audio and visual - that contain the multimedia in your video. 

Split screen Premiere ProSplit screen Premiere ProSplit screen Premiere Pro
The Program Monitor and Timeline panels are the foundations of every successful Adobe Premiere Pro edit.

Now, you’ll want to open one additional panel. It’s the Essential Graphics panel, and what it does is allow you to work with .mogrt templates right inside Adobe Premiere Pro. 

Premiere pro split screenPremiere pro split screenPremiere pro split screen
Go to Window > Essential Graphics to open all of the windows you’ll need to split screen in Premiere Pro.

To launch Essential Graphics, go to Window > Essential Graphics. You’ll see the panel appear as a sidebar on the right side of your Adobe Premiere Pro screen. 

3. Add the Template to Premiere Pro

Next, let’s add the split screen in Premiere Pro template to the app itself. This way, you can begin adding video clips of your own to the template. Find one of the .mogrt files in the downloaded folder. 

Then, click and drag the .mogrt file Multi Screen 02 over the Essential Graphics sidebar panel in Adobe Premiere. Drop it into place, and Premiere will import the template automatically. It should only take a moment. You’ll know it’s complete when you see a thumbnail preview of the .mogrt template in the sidebar itself. 

Adobe Premiere Pro split screenAdobe Premiere Pro split screenAdobe Premiere Pro split screen
Drag and drop your split screen for Premiere Pro template onto the Essential Graphics panel.

To begin using the template, go to File > New > Sequence. Give it a name if you want, then click OK. 

You’ll now see audio and video tracks appear in the Timeline. To add your template, click and drag it from the Essential Graphics panel onto the V1 track on the Timeline.

Split screen Premiere Pro templateSplit screen Premiere Pro templateSplit screen Premiere Pro template
Create a Sequence, then drag your template clip onto the Premiere Pro timeline.

A pop-up may appear. This is the Clip Mismatch Warning box, and it controls settings for the sequence. This involves merging a template into the existing parameters of the project. For best results, go ahead and click Change Sequence Settings here.

When you do, give the template a few moments to load, and then you’ll see it appear on the Timeline. Now, you’re ready to add video clips of your own.

4. Insert Video Clips

With the template added to your Timeline, drag the Playhead to the right. The Playhead is the vertical blue line, and it controls the frame of the clip that previews in the Program Monitor at the top of the screen. 

You’ll see a mosaic layout with multiple colored tiles. Each of these represents a different video placeholder. In other words, each colorful shape will contain a separate video clip once you get them imported.

Insert video split screen Premiere ProInsert video split screen Premiere ProInsert video split screen Premiere Pro
The Essential Graphics sidebar lets you add split screen to Premiere Pro videos of your own.

To add videos of your own, return to the Essential Graphics sidebar. At the bottom of the listed options, click Edit Media to open the dropdown. Inside, you’ll see five tabs, one for each of the five placeholders. These are labeled Media 01 through Media 05. 

Let’s begin by adding our first video. Above the Media 01 placeholder, click on the icon showing three horizontal lines. Then, click Replace from Finder. 

A file browser will appear. Browse to a stored video that you’ve downloaded to your computer. Click on it, then choose Open. After a few moments, Premiere Pro will add the video to the template.

Add video Premiere Pro split screenAdd video Premiere Pro split screenAdd video Premiere Pro split screen
Add videos using the Essential Graphics > Replace from the Finder menu.

If you move the Playhead across the template track, you can see your first clip in action. Watch how it moves and shifts on-screen. In this case, it’s a cool banner clip across the upper half of the animated screen.

Adobe Premiere Pro split screen videosAdobe Premiere Pro split screen videosAdobe Premiere Pro split screen videos
Add additional clips to bring your split screen in Premiere Pro project to life.

To add more clips, repeat the steps above. Find each of the placeholders (Media 02, Media 03, and so on). Launch the menu, browse to a new video clip, and choose it to import. Do this for all of the other clips in the project. When you’re complete, you’ll see a five-scene split screen view.

The videos you see in the template above are all available via Envato Elements:

5. Customize Colors and Themes

With video clips added, you’ve completed the basics of an Adobe Premiere Pro split screen layout. But you still have plenty of style edits that you can make. In this template, the option lives on the Essential Graphics panel, in the Edit Colors dropdown.

Open it up, and explore the features inside. For example, you can edit each screen by adding a custom tint. What this really does is give you creative control over how videos play back. But a really great edit is found at the bottom: BG Color. This stands for background color.

Notice now that the template has a simple white background that wraps around each video clip. But by clicking into the color chooser, you can customize this easily. 

Split screen Premiere Pro videosSplit screen Premiere Pro videosSplit screen Premiere Pro videos
Launch the Edit Colors dropdown and select a new backdrop for your split screen Premiere Pro template.

Choose a new shade from the palette that launches. You can even get highly specific, by adding an RGB color hex. This is a great way to add your brand’s custom colors, for example.

Customize Premiere Pro Split screenCustomize Premiere Pro Split screenCustomize Premiere Pro Split screen
Select a new color for your Premiere Pro split screen background and click OK to apply it.

The color you choose will preview in the Color Picker window. When you’re ready, go ahead and click OK. Watch as the background color transforms in real time. 

6. Preview the Finished Project

Last but not least, always remember to preview your finished product. This is vitally important. The last thing you want to do is export a finished video with unexpected effects inside. Previewing right inside Premiere Pro lets you see how your imported clips play back in real time.

To do this, drag the Playhead all the way to the left. Then, hit your Spacebar. Watch what happens in the Program Monitor. The Premiere Pro split screen template plays back, with your videos added.

Preview Adobe Premiere Pro split screenPreview Adobe Premiere Pro split screenPreview Adobe Premiere Pro split screen
Drag the Playhead to the start of your clip and press your Spacebar to preview your finished project.

That’s it! In just a few moments, you’ve learned how to put videos side by side in Premiere Pro. It’s effortless, thanks to premium templates from Envato Elements. Drop your favorite footage into place and watch it appear seamlessly onscreen, side by side. 

The Top Source for Adobe Premiere Pro Split Screen Templates (With Unlimited Downloads)

Envato Elements is the ultimate source for the very best Adobe Premiere Pro split screen templates. You’ll find hundreds of them, among thousands of beautiful Premiere projects. For a flat monthly rate, you can download and use as many as you want!

And that’s not all. The vast Elements library includes over 15 million digital assets. Explore stock footage, fonts, music, and more. Many are perfect companions for your next video project.

Elements split screen Premiere ProElements split screen Premiere ProElements split screen Premiere Pro
Envato Elements: millions of digital assets, unlimited downloads.

Choose a premium Envato Elements template, and you’ll enjoy:

  • Cinematic designs. Flat, basic layouts are never in style. Embrace the rich, studio-grade quality you’ll find with every premium Envato Elements Adobe Premiere Pro template.
  • Easy-to-use features. As you saw in our tutorial above, templates are easy to use. You can accomplish masterful video edits with no editing skills needed.
  • Inspirational layouts. It’s often a challenge to decide how best to share your favorite videos. Premium templates make this much easier. With stylish layouts, you’ll find design ideas galore.
Elements Premiere Pro split screenElements Premiere Pro split screenElements Premiere Pro split screen
Elements offers thousands of stylish Premiere Pro templates. That includes split screens for Premiere Pro.

As you can see, Envato Elements is the ultimate value for creatives in 2023 and beyond. So, join today and start exploring the vast library of creative content! 

3 Top Split Screen For Premiere Pro Templates (From Envato Elements)

Envato Elements hosts the very best split screen for Premiere Pro templates. Here are three of our popular favorites, available now: 

1. Split Screen Intro

Launch your projects in style with Split Screen Intro. This is how to create an Adobe Premiere Pro split screen of your own in moments. The template includes two versions. Inside, you’ll find over a dozen editable text layers and visual placeholders. With them, you can add your own content and share it simultaneously. 

2. Multiscreen - 7 Split Screen

Five multi-screen layouts are included in this premium Adobe Premiere Pro template. The template uses a modern, minimalist aesthetic throughout. You’ll see shaped video layouts with geometric designs. It’s an option for collages, slideshows, brand intros, and more. 

3. Vertical Multiscreen - 3 Split Screen

Vertical Multiscreen is tailored for social media. With the short attention spans of mobile consumers, quick hitting content is crucial. You can do that, with this vertical split screen Premiere Pro layout. With it, you can build a grid with three photos or videos playing at once. 

Use Adobe Premiere Pro Split Screen Today

In this tutorial, you learned how to put videos side by side in Premiere Pro. The key is premium templates. With custom layouts inside, adding videos is a breeze. And when you do, you can instantly craft spectacular productions of your own.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and start using split screen designs for Premiere Pro in your very own projects. It’s an easy, stylish way to unlock an entirely new world of design and style.

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