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How to Stream Video to Multiple Platforms Simultaneously With Restream and OBS

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Video platforms and their intricate algorithms are always changing, but there's one general strategy that continues to remain relevant: sharing your content across multiple platforms, or POSSEPublish on Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere. In this tutorial we'll show you two ways you can use Restream to connect to multiple platforms; locally, through Restream, and using a third-party like OBS.

Multi-Platform Streaming Using Restream Studio

The easiest way to multi-stream with Restream is using the built-in Studio feature. While it's a simple solution, you still can create beautiful streams. If you want to get the most from Restream you'll need a paid plan; to add multiple platforms, among with many other features.

Women Streaming-Available From Envato Elements

Let's get to it. The first thing you'll do is sign-in to Restream. On the opening page, you'll get a prompt that asks you, what would you like to do? This provides you with two options, both of which, we'll cover. Stream with Studio, and Connect to OBS... Select the Stream with Studio option.

Restream Studio

Next head up to Add Destinations to add the platforms you want include in your stream. For an example, let's choose Youtube. On the Restream side, you'll be asked through a series of prompts to connect your channel. From the Youtube side you'll have to verify your account  on your YouTube Live Dashboard.

Verifying Your YouTube Account

Continue this process with all the other platforms you'd like to add. You are now good to go live using Restream Studio.

How to Use Restream for Multi-Streaming With OBS

Using the multistream feature with Restream is super simple. As above, you'll need an account for each platform you plan on streaming. The encoding software that gives you even more control over your streams. In this example we'll use OBS.

The fist thing you'll need to do is make sure you have OBS installed on your computer and set up for streaming. Within the Settings, click on Stream. Under the Service select and enter your stream key from Restream. Give the permissions to OBS to access and stream to your account, and that's it for setting up OBS for streaming.

Now, back on Restream, go ahead and add your chosen platforms you'd like to stream to, as we did above in the Studio example.


Restream is a great resource whether you choose to use the Studio or additional software to get more out of your streams. It's easy to use, functional, and a has multiple entry points to fir your budget and needs.

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