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60 Second How-to: Sync Image Settings in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

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Read Time: 2 mins

Adobe Lightroom is a suite of tools in one handy package. This includes a photo organizer and editor, as well as tools to adjust and correct your images. One place Lightroom excels is in batch editing images, quickly editing large shoots to save you time.

Instead of applying the same settings over and over, you can sync settings in Adobe Lightroom. Let's learn how so that you can spend less time editing and more time shooting.

Syncing Settings in 60 Seconds

In the screencast below, I'll show you how to sync up your edits. Think of this feature as a way to copy and paste edits from one image to the next. You'll see how you can make several images take on the same adjustments with just a few clicks.

Featured Ligthroom Presets

One Click Image-Editing

Lightroom presets are pre-made sets of adjustments. You can use presets from other photographers to adjust your images.

A preset is a great starting point when you don't know what direction to take a photo. You can even use them to learn more about how to creatively adjust your images by studying the way the sliders move as you apply them.

These presets are all available as a part of a subscription to Envato Elements:

Monochromatic Volume 3 by ShinyPixel

Monochromatic Volume 3 Lightroom presetMonochromatic Volume 3 Lightroom presetMonochromatic Volume 3 Lightroom preset

This pack is a "better than black and white" set of looks. These presets will apply a monochrome look with a bit of tinting to set your images apart from the standard desaturated look.

The Editorial Collection v2 by Presetworks

The Editorial Collection v2 by PresetworksThe Editorial Collection v2 by PresetworksThe Editorial Collection v2 by Presetworks

These presets were inspired by the styles you might see in major magazines like GQ or Vogue. The selections run the gamut of styles, but can help you really tweak your images to an eye-catching style.

Folklore by Presetrain

Folklore PresetrainFolklore PresetrainFolklore Presetrain

Folklore is another general purpose pack that includes several different unique looks to apply to an image. Ranging from fade effects to cross-processing, this pack can get you out of your comfort zone with editing.

Keep Learning

Envato Tuts+ has a deep library of tutorials to help you learn Adobe Lightroom. Having a system to manage your image library is key as it grows.

Check out some of the tutorials below to learn more about how to use Lightroom: 

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