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How to Use a Telephoto Lens (to Photograph Far-Away Things Nicely)

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There are few lenses that announce "I'm a photographer!" than a large telephoto lens on the front of the camera. The size of a telephoto lens is attributable to the sheer number of glass elements and optics it contains to help you reach a far-away subject.

When you need that extra reach to zoom in tightly on a subject, a telephoto lens is the tool to choose. Sports, wildlife, and aviation photographers turn to telephotos to magnify a far-away subject.

But, telephoto lenses are about more than simply putting yourself close to a subject. The creative effect of "background compression" is a totally different effect that telephoto shots create.

Check out the lesson above to learn more about the advantages of limitations for the standard zoom lens and how it can fit into your lens lineup.

Nyala Telephoto ExampleNyala Telephoto ExampleNyala Telephoto Example
This photo of a Nyala is a great example of the power of telephoto lens rendering. Available through Envato Elements.

Watch the Full Course

Telephoto lenses are just one of the many lenses that you'll want to have in your bag to capture a scene. Growing your gear is about adding that next lens that helps you achieve a new look.

So, what should you look for when choosing a lens? Check out the full course What Every Photographer Should Know About Lenses. Not all lenses are created equally, and I'll teach you what to look for as you begin to build out your own lens lineup.

Check out these other lessons that will help you learn how to get the most from your complete lens lineup:

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