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How to Use the Histogram to Correct Exposure in Capture One

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Capture One Pro 8 is a powerful, professional raw image processing suite for Mac and Windows. If you'd like to get an idea of how the image correction process works, follow along with this video tutorial from my course on Capture One for Fashion Photographers.

You will learn how to use a histogram during the corrective process, and you’ll also correct your images using the Exposure slider.

Using the histogram in Capture OneUsing the histogram in Capture OneUsing the histogram in Capture One

Watch the Full Course

In the full course, Capture One for Fashion Photographers, you will learn how to process fashion photos by delving deep into Capture One. We'll work with two different sets of images, each with different processing needs, and you will gain a thorough grounding in the fashion post-production workflow. 

This course is for fashion photographers who have intermediate level experience with image processing and want to unlock a new level of speed, efficiency, and accuracy in their style.

Or if you prefer to work with other software, you can find plenty of useful Envato Market add-ons to speed up your image processing, such as Photoshop actions, Lightroom presets, and Aperture presets.

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