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How to Use the Magnetic Timeline in Final Cut Pro X

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How to Use the Magnetic Timeline in Final Cut Pro XHow to Use the Magnetic Timeline in Final Cut Pro XHow to Use the Magnetic Timeline in Final Cut Pro X

The primary difference between Final Cut Pro X and other video editing programs is the magnetic timeline. Whereas other programs have a series of free-floating video and audio tracks stacked above and below each other, Final Cut Pro has one main track, with all the secondary video and audio clips connected to it like branches on a tree.

In this short video tutorial from my Final Cut Pro course, you’ll learn how to best use the timeline, and we'll also discuss why many new users love the magnetic feature, while editors accustomed to other programs can take a while to get used to it.

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Getting started with professional video editing software used to be a long and complex journey, heavy on technical know-how and computer expertise. That all changed with the release of Apple's Final Cut Pro X. Now beginners and pros alike can skip the immense learning curve and jump directly to the fun, creative, and satisfying parts of video editing, without losing any of the professional features. 

In the full course, Video Editing in Final Cut Pro, you'll learn how to use Final Cut Pro X to import, organize, edit, and export a fun video—without having to pull any hair out.

And to make editing your video even easier, why not use some of the motion graphics, stock footage, and other video resources on Envato Market?

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