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How to Work as a Documentary Wedding Photographer

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A wedding is about connection, commitment and love. Those glances and interactions between the couple, family and loved ones throughout the day are what really tell the story of the people involved.

Documentary wedding photographyDocumentary wedding photographyDocumentary wedding photography

In this short video tutorial from my course on Reportage Wedding Photography, I'll teach you how to approach a documentary-style wedding shoot. You'll learn about the kinds of scenes to watch out for, the importance of shooting from different angles, making the best use of downtime, and more.

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The reportage style is more than adopting an aesthetic: it is about a mindset, technique, and approach to photographing weddings that uses reality as your canvas to tell a story. 

In the full course, Reportage Wedding Photography, you'll learn how to integrate the reportage working style to produce a compelling, naturalistic photographic record from the complexity and high emotion of a wedding day.

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