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8 Ways to Sell Your Drone Video Services


The growth for potential drone uses has been unlike any other in recent memory, not only in the video sector, but in the entire technology sector as well. This means that there a new uses for drones being discovered almost daily. We are going to look at a few that relate to photo and video services, some of which could open up your existing production services to new markets.

1. Video for Regional and Local Production Companies

The first on this list is pretty obvious, but it is a great idea to contact your local video production companies in your area because odds are that they are in need of aerial footage for their projects. If you already have a commercial license (FAA Part 107) and have aviation insurance, that is going to go a long way when trying to convince them to use your services.

Aerial photograph of a truck in a snowy forest

2. Real Estate Video

There is no better way to showcase real estate than with drone video, period.

I have helped a few property owners with their property listings and it is amazing how much more attention a listing can get when it has a well done aerial video. It is a good idea to reach out to realtors in your area and inform them of your services. The realtors likely won't hire you directly, but they can recommend you to people that are selling their property and may want the added benefit of an aerial video to help market it.

3. Property Surveying

You would be surprised how many people just want to see their property from the air. Seeing their property from this new perspective can help owners greatly if they are planning improvements to the land or if they just would like a well put together video showcasing it. Mining and forestry operations can benefit greatly from drone surveying.

Forest as seen from a UAV

4. Concert and Event Video

This is a frequent request I get because it can help showcase how many people are at an event and helps add to the overall production value.

Parking lot at dusk from a drones point of view

5. Construction and Safety Inspections

A good example of construction and safety needing drone video is a roof or bridge inspection: what used to be a risky, time consuming chore can now be performed much faster and safer using a drone. Construction sites also often request aerial photos to see the overall completion progress of a work site. 

Aerial photograph of a residential construction site

6. Yacht and Boat Sales

Similar to real estate video, it is just much easier to market something like a boat when you can see it from the air. You also won't have to worry about keeping your balance filming from one boat to another now that you are flying above the water.

Boats in a marina

7. Farming and Forestry

Farmers are also benefiting from drone operations. A good drone pilot can help identify areas of a farmers crops that might not be getting the proper watering amounts.

A herd of bovine in a dry field

8. Golf Course Fly-Through

A lot of country clubs and golf courses are also hiring drone pilots to create course maps that show case each hole on the property from the air. 

a golf course photographed from low altitude

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