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How to Capture Smoother Handheld Video With a Moving Camera

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While it’s best to stand still when capturing handheld video, sometimes you just have to move. Movement introduces new challenges, but it also opens creative opportunities, especially a sense of action and involvement. With a little practice, you too can capture smooth handheld video, even while you’re walking.

In this lesson, you'll learn how to get started handheld-filming even the most challenging scenes. The full course, Video Production on the Go is available as part of membership to Envato Elements, along with stock videos, photos, templates to help you make great videos.

A few key techniques help to produce satisfactory handheld videos. Try to use the widest-angle lens in your camera bag, make sure your autofocus is running, and hold the camera close to your chest. Take small steps and tread as lightly as you can. All of these help reduce shakes and jerkiness that will be magnified on large screens.

It’s risky to film stationary objects while in motion: a static reference point magnifies camera shake and might render your footage unusable. If you need to be moving, it works best to film other moving objects, such as a person walking. Their movements will help conceal camera shake, and can even give your audience the sensation of being right in the middle of the action.

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