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People in Places: Shooting an Environmental Portrait

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This post is part of a series called Environmental Portraiture: How to Go Beyond the Ordinary.
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In this tutorial, Simon Plant gives an in-depth look at shooting environmental portraits. These portraits show a person in the space they inhabit and feature both the subject and the setting prominently.

We'll learn about researching and sourcing the subject and the location. We'll see the gear that's required. We'll make the subject feel at ease, and discover that in order to make these types of portraits, you must be in control of the situation.

Following this we are transported to a countryside Alotment where we discuss the location and lighting and see the overview of the shoot taking place. Simon explains a lighting tip for your flashgun before we return to the studio to chat about the days shoot.

Back at the studio, we learn about the placement of the subject and his choice of aperture plus much more for this particular image.

Full Video Tutorial

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