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Post-Processing Masterclass: Editing the Shaldon Lighthouse


In this photography tutorial we take a step by step look at the techniques and procedures used to transform our RAW image capture into a polished image to be proud of. It's an in-depth post-processing video tutorial, but we'll show you exactly what to expect after the break.

Tutorial Outline

We start off by looking over the images we have shot, discussing why some may work better than others before deciding on our final selection. After picking our final image we discuss which RAW processing tools we are using, and why we sometimes don't need to use every single option available to us.

We then proceed to retouch and adjust the image within Photoshop using global and selective adjustments to gently nudge our image towards the final masterpiece.

Along the way we show you how to mask fine details for gentle localised exposure adjustments, how a simple Levels adjustment layer can be used to keep a check on your image for possible clipping damage, and share many other tips and insights.

Watch the Video (40 Minutes)

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