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Quick Tip: Applying Actions With the Image Processor

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If you need to resize a load of images at once, Adobe's Bridge image processor has long been the way to go. The image processor, however, is capable of much more than just resizing photos. In this quick tip, I will show you how to apply Adobe Photoshop actions alongside the output settings.

The Image Processor

The image processor allows you to use Photoshop, in a limited way, from Bridge. You can resize images, convert them to different image formats, apply copyright settings and apply Photoshop actions to multiple images without having to delve into Photoshop yourself.

The real power of the image processor is in applying actions. You can create powerful actions that can apply a complex series of edits to your photos. In this video, I'll use one that creates a frame, sharpens the image and places a simple watermark. The image processor allows me to apply it to four images at once saving me a load of time!


How do you use the image processor? Do you have tips for Bridge or Photoshop that save you time? Leave a comment below!

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