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Quick Fixes for Rapid Image Correction in ON1 Photo 10

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ON1 Photo 10 sets itself apart with its unique, layers-based approach for styling images. But it also has some quick controls for rapid image correction. This video tutorial from my course, ON1 Photo 10 for Photographers, will show you how to apply those one-click adjustments to your images.

Quick Fixes panel in ON1 Photo 10Quick Fixes panel in ON1 Photo 10Quick Fixes panel in ON1 Photo 10

Watch the Full Course

The full course, ON1 Photo 10 for Photographers, is for anyone who wants to master this useful image editing software and bring unique looks to their images. 

In this course, you'll take your images into the digital darkroom, manage their metadata, correct and adjust the images, and use filters to create your personal style. It's a comprehensive course with 24 video lessons like the one you just watched, so if you want to learn ON1 Photo 10 inside out, it'll give you all the information you need.

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