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How to Reduce Drone Video "Jello Effects" in After Effects

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You can shoot some wonderful aerial video with a drone, and I covered some techniques for getting the best possible footage in my course on Cinematic Drone Video Production.

But sometimes, despite your best efforts, you end up with unwanted effects. One of them is the "jello effect", which is caused by camera vibration and creates distortion in your shots. 

In those cases, post-production techniques come into play. In this short video tutorial from my course, Cinematic Drone Video Post-Production, I'll show you various methods for reducing jello effects on aerial footage using Warp Stabilizer in Adobe After Effects.

Watch the Full Course

In the full course, Cinematic Drone Video Post-Production, you will learn post-production practices that will greatly increase the impact and cinematic value of your aerial footage. 

Topics covered include lens distortion removal, color grading, 3D camera tracking, and more. This course also includes example clips in the source files that can be used to follow along with each lesson.

Wobbly Video Remediation Methods

Rolling Shutter Repair Method

The first effect in After Effects you can use is called Rolling Shutter Repair and you can find it in the Effects Panel. This effect is my first choice when I need to repair "jello effects" on my drone footage in post-production. For the analysis method (under Advanced > Method) I recommend Pixel Motion, because it is more accurate (however this will result in longer render times).

Warp Stabilizer Method

As a secondary option you can try the Warp Stabilizer effect in After Effects. The results from this will depend on how severe the warping is in your footage. If you only have a few spots where the warping occurs, then Warp Stabilizer may work well for your shot.

Trial and Error

Correcting warped 'jello' footage can be a trial and error process and often what works for one shot may not work for another. So it is a good idea to try various methods and settings to see which option gives you the best results. 

Bonus Tips

If you are looking for some iconic audio tracks to accent your aerial videos with, I encourage you to check out the music scores by Gareth Coker on AudioJungle. His music track "How Alive Are You" is one of my favorites to pair with drone footage. It has nice pacing and is sure to pair well with any or your aerial visuals.

And did you know that you can download drone stock footage from Mixkit? You're free to use it wherever you want.

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