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Resolution Stitching for Super-High-Res Photos


Ever wanted to boost the resolution offered by your camera? In this video, we show you the camera settings and post-processing stitching techniques for shooting and producing "super resolution" images using a standard consumer Digital SLR.

What to Expect

We start on location, finding a suitable subject to use for our high resolution composition. Returning to the studio, we continue into our screencast to discuss camera settings used, and types of technique that can be used for this resolution-boosting operation.

We then proceed to take you step by step through the process of image stitching, comparing a single shot side-by-side with our multi shot stitched image of the same subject (you'll be amazed at the difference in detail!)

To finish off, we show some other examples of how you can shoot super resolution images, including various compositions that I've created previously.

Watch the Video

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