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Shooting & Editing a Paint Splatter Texture

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In today's video, we're going behind the scenes of a "paint splatter" shoot, looking at how the process works, and how easy it is to photograph your own images for use as backgrounds or textures. The equipment used is perfect for those on a budget, and it's really fun technique to try yourself at home!

Video Details

In this tutorial we're going to cover several important topics:

  • First we're going to list the needed materials for creating the paint splatters.
  • After that we're going to preapare the paint to make some splats.
  • Then we're going to create the actual splats.
  • After that we're going to set up our lighting.
  • Then we're going to shoot the paint splatters!
  • And finally we're going to retouch the pictures using Photoshop.

Watch the Video

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