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Shooting Portraits in Bright Sunlight

This post is part of a series called Environmental Portraiture: How to Go Beyond the Ordinary.
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You have probably heard on your photographic journey it mentioned to avoid the harsh summer sun at mid day. This is not bad advice, but if you take picutres for a living its not always the most practical advice.

So whats the problem? Warm summer days, deep blue skies, the sun's blinding rays pounding down like a blazing hot hammer on an anvil. Without help, the light in the middle of the day is simply not flattering for shooting most subjects: it creates dark pockets of shadows in the eye sockets and the light can be very contrasty and hard to control.

You can make great portraits even if the sun is trying to roast you alive. In this tutorial we present some practical solutions to help you get some flattering light onto your subject with minimal equipement and the environment at your disposal.

In This Tutorial Video

  1. Rotating your subject
  2. Fill-in flash
  3. Reflectors
  4. Using an overhead diffuser
  5. Using you environment
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