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The Final Product: How to Finish a Grading Project in Resolve

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Learn to colour correct like a pro with our free course DaVinci Resolve Colour Grading for Beginners. You'll learn how to use each important tool in Resolve, including how to set up your project using scene cut detection, how to get clean skin tones with noise reduction and how to create cinematic looks.

In this lesson, we'll recap on what we've learned in the course and you'll see the full effect of our grade.

The Final Product: How to Finish a Grading Project in Resolve

At this point in our course, you've learned how to do a colour correction and a colour grade. Let's have a quick recap of what we've looked at.



This was our original footage, quite flat and washed out as you'd expect - shooting this way means we retain a lot more information in the video and can start with a clean slate.

Correction and Balance


We started with a nice colour correction to bring in some of those rich, warm colours.

Skin Tones

skin tonesskin tonesskin tones

Next, we fixed the skin tones of the hand and arm.



The colour of the cheese needed a tweak too!



We lowered the ambience, this will help our subject stand out more. 



We pushed everything a little towards cyan to finish up the colour look.

Film Grain and Noise Reduction

Finally, we added some film grain on top.

If you've never used Resolve before, you should be able to jump into the program now, even the free version, and be able to get great results in no time at all.

To finish up, here's the before and after:

before and afterbefore and afterbefore and after

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About the Authors

Tom Graham created the video course that includes this lesson. Tom is a multi-skilled content creator with a background in commercial filmmaking. Marie Gardiner wrote the text version of this lesson.

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