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The Super Beginner's Guide to Lightroom

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Lightroom is a program developed by Adobe that allows you to organize, cull, and edit your photos with ease. Lightroom allows you to have many powerful tools within clicking distance of your mouse or tablet. With the help of this guide, you'll be able to jump straight into the program and start working.

The best way I’ve found to describe Lightroom is that it’s like Photoshop, but built specifically for photographers. Adobe Photoshop has an extensive list of tools and features, but can sometimes get complicated if you’re not terribly familiar with the menus and software.

This is because Photoshop is developed for everyone. Whether you’re a graphic designer, retoucher or photographer, Photoshop has the tools you’d need to create all the work you’d come across in your job. Lightroom is more specialized, and some would argue, better for many photography jobs.

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Hopefully this guide as provided you with a basic idea of how Lightroom is laid out and given you a basic understanding of how the system works. If you’re still unsure about bringing Lightroom into your workflow, I recommend you download the free 30 day trial from Adobe and give it a shot. If you have any questions or comments about the program, leave me a comment below.

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